Q: I’m interested in you designing my book cover. What do I do next?

A: Fill out the form on the contact page to let me know a few details about your project. I will get in touch with you via e-mail as soon as possible for a complimentary consultation, and we will discuss your project and ideas. I can usually recommend the best package to fit your needs after our first email exchange.

Q: Great, I’m ready to order. What happens now?

A:      If you feel good about what to expect and would like to move forward, I’ll send you an invoice for the deposit, then get started on a few mockups for you to take a look at based on what you’ve told me you would like to see. Usually this involves you selecting imagery you would like on your cover from, then sending me their reference number so I can purchase them. Alternatively, if you would prefer to simply tell me your general ideas, I’m also happy to select imagery for you based on what I think will make the most compelling selling tool for your book. The price of your cover includes up to three mockups of separate concepts.  Once you decide which of the mockup concepts strikes your fancy and/or is the closest to what you’re looking for, we’ll move into a revision stage where we can tweak the cover until you’re completely happy with it.

Q: Do I have to buy the stock photos for my cover myself?

A: No, but truly, thank you for asking. I’ll buy them. All my stock photos come from Each one has an eight digit stock ID number (i.e. 87167939). I ask that you send me the ID numbers of the photos you would like to see on your cover, so I can purchase them myself. This is more cost effective for you, and it allows me to make certain I purchase the version of the photo that is formatted to the proper specification.

Q: I don’t see any stock photos I like on May I use another stock photo website?

A: Regarding alternative stock photo providers, the short answer is maybe. Show me the image you want, and I’ll take a look to make sure the licensing for the image won’t come back to bite us. If that checks out, then yes, I’m okay with using the image, but there may be an additional cost involved. This is because I pay for a subscription to, so the images there are essentially already paid for, for me. Purchasing photos a la carte from stock sites can range drastically in price depending on the site. In the event you decide to go with this option, though, I will simply bill you the additional amount at that time, and then I will purchase the image for you.

Q: Is payment secure?

A: Yes. All sensitive financial data is handled through Paypal. I will never ask you for your personal credit card or bank account information.

Q: What forms of payment do you take?

A: I accept all major credit cards via Paypal’s secure service. Debit cards, too. You may also use your Paypal balance.

Q: Can I use a photo I take myself?

A: Generally, no. The only exception is in the case of a photograph of you, the author, that you have the appropriate permission to use. Even then, the image needs to meet the appropriate resolution requirements to use on your cover. For an ebook only, these requirements aren’t all that hard to meet, but an image that looks fantastic on your computer screen might look horrible in print. To make sure it will work, I’ll need you to send me the image file so I can have a look and let you know.

Q: Will you also make social media banners for me based on my book cover?

A: Sure thing. I’ll be happy to make as many banners or ads as you like, but only as an add-on service using a cover I created. There’s a small extra charge per item, but I typically slash the price if you want all three of “the usual” banners, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and a web page slider.

Q: What files will I receive when we’re done?

A: I’ll send you high resolution, print quality versions of your completed cover, ebook image files optimized for digital use. If desired, I’ll also provide a scalable vector of the your cover’s typology for use in creating secondary media, such as banners for Twitter and Facebook.

Q: What if I have no idea what I want to see on my cover?

A:      That’s okay.  We’ll talk about your book and based on your premise, genre, and any specific marketing needs (brand cohesion, series plans, etc.), I will come up with mockups that fit your story and your target audience. 

Q: Do you offer illustrations?

A:      Nope.  At this time, I don’t offer fully illustrated covers.  I may be up for very small illustrated elements, so we can chat about special requests, but for the most part, I’m not taking on any custom illustrations right now.

Q: Are the stock images you use to create my cover licensed?

A:      Yes.  I only use commercially licensed stock images and fonts.

Q: Why are there so many dragons on your site?

A: I really like dragons.

Q: So you’ll change anything I don’t like?

A:      Sure, within reason. When you select one of the mockup concepts, you can let me know what you like and don’t like about it, and I’ll get to work perfecting it.  As far as how many revisions your purchase includes, I tend to work on a case by case basis since some projects might be a bit more challenging than others.  I’ll always be as generous as I can with revision time since it’s important to me that you get a product you’re 100% in love with, but because I have other clients, a family, and a need for sanity, my policy is to include three rounds of revisions on your cover choice with your initial cover price package.  If additional revisions are requested or required after three, we’ll talk about how to move forward with those. An additional fee may apply for ongoing extensive revisions, though for most clients, three rounds is more than enough to apply all the finishing touches.

Q: When do I pay?

A:      While consultation is free, a 50% deposit is due before I send along any mockups for your cover. When you’re ready, I will send an invoice to your email. If you purchase add-ons with your cover, they will not be billed until the project is complete.

Q: How fast is your turnaround time?

A:      This definitely varies from project to project based on the challenges, revisions, and intricacies involved as well as my own queue of other projects.  As I mentioned before, I also have a life outside of graphic design, so my days and weeks can vary.  Sometimes I turn around mockups or revisions for you in a day or two, other times it takes longer.  During your initial consultation we can discuss any specific desires you have regarding timeline, and I will be straightforward with you about whether I can accommodate them or not.